Vertfreak101 Review

This is the Vertfreak101 review to give you sneak peak information on how to effectively improve your vertical leap far greater and better than ever before with the help of Adam Linkenauger’s expertise and knowledge to add inches to your vertical jump. Adam is the key to improve your game into a whole new level with his “Become a Freak V2” system that will help you in any aspect to fully unleash your full athletic potential. Adam is a certified Vertfreak too, he had undergone the same training offered in Become a Freak V2 and to top all of that as a result to his massive training, Adam became a 3x All American and National Champion high jumper in High School, a 7x ACC High Jump Champion in college and an Olympic Qualifier after college. Isn’t that amazing? You too could become what Adam had accomplished with the “Become a Freak V2” system to improve your vertical jump.

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What do you get if you will purchase Become a Freak V2?

Become a Freak V2 Component 1: Why VertFreak101 Works

  • Vertfreak System has 8 key reasons to improve your vertical jump up to 50 inches leap.

Become a Freak V2 Component 2: Mentality 101

  • Vertfreak System will give an enormous champion mindset to make you work and think like a champion with confidence and willingness to train even harder to achieve your goal.

Become a Freak V2 Component 3: Nutrition 101

  • This Vertfreak component is a nutritional guide for you to obtain the body and resistance of a great athlete to fully support your Vertfreak training program.

Become a Freak V2 Component 4: Technique 101

  • In this Vertfreak component you will learn the right and proper way techniques to jump correctly in order to boost your vertical jump skills in no time.

Become a Freak V2 Component 5: Pre/Rehabilitation 101

  • Vertfreak System will also guide you how to prepare yourself if injuries will happen in the future; this component will teach you how to treat and rehabilitate your injuries so that you can come back to the game the soonest time possible.

Become a Freak V2 Component 6: Essential Areas of Training

  • Learn the 3 key areas training of vertical jump that only the Vertfreak System can give you, to give you an advantage ahead of many athletes.

Become a Freak V2 Component 7: Freak Athletic Assessment

  • Vertfreak System will also offer free assessment test to let you discover your strengths and weaknesses in your chosen sport.

Become a Freak V2 Component 8: Static Stretching 101

  • Learn to be more flexible and follow Vertfreak’s static stretching101 to become the best athlete.

Become a Freak V2 Component 9: Dynamic Warm Up

  • Learn the Vertfreak’s highest quality warm-ups to successfully add inches to your vertical jump.

Become a Freak V2 Component 10: Become a Freak Workouts

  • Vertfreak’s scientifically designed workouts with written description and video sample.

Become a Freak V2 Component 11: WeightLifting101

  • Vertfreak System will explosively develop your vertical jump with Vertfreak’s 300 workout combinations to enhance your athletic skills with written descriptions and videos.

Become a Freak V2 Component 12: Core 101

  • Learn the core of your athletic body with Vertfreak System to help you become the athlete that you want to be.

Vertfreak System Bonuses:

  •  Jumping Technique Podcast
  • 10 Top Secret Weightlifting Facts
  • The Core Special Report- Secret Ab Exercise
  • JUMPUSA Life Time 15% Off Coupon

All of these items will be yours for as low as $77 only with 60 day money back guarantee, great deal from Adam. This is the chance of a lifetime to improve your vertical jump with this Vertfreak101 review solely for your athletic career.

>>Click Here To Visit Vertfreak101 Website

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