Proper Basketball Shooting Form

If you are playing basketball recently and starting to love the game, you have to learn the basic shooting, dribbling, passing and catching fundamentals of this sport. You have to learn the basics bit by bit to play and advance to the next level. One aspect of playing basketball is the shooting. You have to learn the proper basketball shooting form to
become a good shooter and make your every shot effective.

What is the proper basketball shooting form?

  • Proper basketball shooting form is the basic shooting technique that needs a thorough understanding to gain effective result. Some basketball players are born with rhythmic pulse that can shoot without a problem while some would struggle. There is no secret shooting style because all are from basic shooting form; you just have to develop the basics to advance.

How to execute the proper basketball shooting form

  1. Spread your legs apart to keep the weight balance
  2. Hold the ball with your shooting hand; spread your fingertips towards the ball’s surface with the middle finger on the center while the other hand supports the weight of the ball.
  3.  Observe correct finger and hand position and hold the ball with this method. You will eventually learn how to do this correctly in time.
  4. Focus you eyes into the rim of the basket. Calculate distance and aim for a shot.
  5. Hold the ball in the right position aiming to the basket, bend your legs and jump to shoot.
  6. Extend your arms while jumping and shooting until the elbow of your shooting hand reaches in the level of your forehead.
  7.  Do this basic shooting form over and over again into different directions of the court and try to do it in different speed and jump frequency.

Practicing with the proper knowledge of basic techniques will help you advance in the real game time play. You may purchase and refer to basketball instructional DVD’s to learn the basic form of shooting, ball handling and boost other basketball skills.

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