How To Improve Basketball Shooting

Advance shooting skills in basketball is a very good advantage in the game. To become a good basketball shooter is hard to acquire, you must put a lot of workout and practice to become a top scorer. You need to undergo a lot of training program to become the best and be able to play the game very well.

Tips on how to improve basketball shooting percentage while playing

Learn to do the BEEF Technique (Balance, Elbow, Eye, Follow through)

  • This is the basic basketball fundamental to become a good shooter. Balance your body, elbow strength, eye focus and dashing follow through. Do this fundamental at early years of playing to develop the right skills in playing.

Advance calculation of the basket area

  • Always aim through the basket area, remain relax and focus your game to your basket and the basket area. Give yourself an advance calculation; this will give you a lot of time to make a basket when you have already set-up basket’s dimension plus ball bounce plus teammate’s support.

Increase shooting maneuvers and quick release shooting

  • If you are running and playing near the basket area, it would be difficult for you to take a shot since there are a lot of defenders; you must learn different shooting maneuvers to take a shot and keep the defenders away from the ball. This will give you an edge in short range shooting.

Learn to play using different shooting styles

  • You must learn every single shooting style. Do not focus on just one. Shooting in different direction and different styles with different maneuvers will make you a very unpredictable shooter.

Know when to take shot

  • In a real game time play, taking a shot is a seldom opportunity. You must be very keen when to shot or if the shot is too risky to take. Constant practice will help you become familiar with different shooting situation.

Purchase instructional videos and follow some dashing shooting techniques for you to learn how to improve basketball shooting skills. You may purchase your own basketball ring at home or enroll to basketball training program near you for you to gain perfect shooting advantage.

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