How To Dribble A Basketball Better

In playing basketball, dribbling is an essential skill that needs a thorough practice. Being able to control the ball well enough in the game is the key to win and become a good basketball player. There are so many players that can shoot perfectly but few can handle the ball well. The key to a good game is a good dribbler. You must learn how to dribble a basketball better to get ahead of anyone on the court.

Tips on how to dribble the ball better

  • Practice dribbling everyday to enhance ball handling coordination. If possible dribble with both hands to equally develop dribble skills for left and right so won’t have a problem whether which hand to use.
  • While dribbling, stand up with your legs apart to balance body weight, bend your knees and start dribbling. Switch dribbles for both hands and dribble the ball consistently.
  • Learn to dribble in both fast and low speed to improve ball control; you may also practice dribbling with balls in both hands to increase ball coordination, dribbling speed and techniques.
  • Apply your dribbling skills while running through the basketball court back and forth; try to run and dribble the ball in the fastest way possible to know your limits, run through different angles and directions on the court and practice different speed of dribbling to enhance your skills.
  • Dribble the ball low to the ground in different speed, start dribbling with your left hand then pass it to the right hand. Speed up your dribble as you practice, learn how to dribble basketball better to control your dribbling skills. Do this method over and over again.

Dribbling is one of the skills in basketball that takes a lot of time to master. Practicing on your own is fine but participating in an open basketball training program is the best option to enhance skills in any aspect of your play.

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