Effective Ball Handling

Basketball is a mixture of intense physical strength and mental strategic game; you must be equipped with both to get rid of opponents and win every game play. You must learn to shoot, catch, pass, dribble and etc. but how to exactly become the best player is quite hard to do. Learn effective ball handling techniques to improve your game stats, you must be a very good ball handler to produce more power play basketball games.

Ball Handling Tips


  • Improve dribble skills. Dribbling is one of the basic fundamentals in basketball. A good dribbler is always a good player. You must improve your dribble skills to handle the ball in a manner you want. Take control of the game and the ball to win the game.

Body Strength

  • You have to play basketball with posture strength. Your body strength determines how well you play. Make a standard strong posture that will let you catch and pass the ball whether in short or long distance with strong defense or offense maneuvers. Your body supports your game; you must have a strong athletic body to overthrow opponents.

Ball circulation Speed

  • Practice effective ball handling techniques to protect the ball. Combine handling speed and ball circulation technique to confuse opponents. Learn techniques on how to circle the ball around your head, waist and legs while dribbling, running, passing and catching. Practice these techniques often to increase speed as you play and to effectively confuse opponents while being guarded.

Fast Speed dribbling and running

  • If your dribbling is doing very well, you must also practice and improve awesome dribbling while running back and forth to the gym. This will help you assess your running strength and capability while playing. The more you’ll get to know the strength while running the better you’ll be effective in real game time. This method is a great way to determine your strength limits;

You may enroll to basketball training program to enhance your basketball skills. Learning from expert players and coaches are still the best ways to improve and acquire skills in basketball.

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