Youth Basketball Tips

Playing Basketball is quite physically demanding but we all love the game and the pressure it brings. There are many youth basketball tips for newbie players but you have to really work hard to gain positive result. You have to learn the fundamentals of shooting and dribbling first before taking your game to the next level.

Basketball Shooting Tips

Foot Placement

  • Learn the basic foot placement when aiming for a shot. Hold the ball with your shooting hand and put the same foot forward, if you are left handed do this with your left foot and likewise.

Eye Focus

  • Keep your eyes focus on the rim of the basket; this will help you think in advance and calculate the distance.

Hand Position

  • Learn the basic hand positioning. This will help you to control the bounce of the ball.

Body Balance

  • Keep your body in a balance motion while aiming for a shot. Bent your waist a little, spread your knees, legs and jump.

Jumping Rhythm

  • Learn to control your jumping frequency when shooting. Some shooting styles require a lower jump frequency and some would require higher. Learn to differentiate when to jump.

Basic Ball Handling Tips

  • Learn to dribble with both hands. Try to dribble in different speed and height.
  • Learn to control the ball’s bounce, pass and catch the ball in different speed and from different direction.
  • Practice ball circulation. Learn to circle the ball in your legs, waist and head to protect the ball at all cost.
  • Learn ball handling maneuvers for both offense and defense. Doing unpredictable maneuvers will help you advance against defenders.
  • Practice dribbling using 2 balls to enhance ball handling coordination.
  • Run back and forth while dribbling in different speed and different height.
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These are few youth basketball tips. These tips are perfect for newbie players but if you want a serious training then purchase your own basketball manuals and instructional videos.

Basketball Tips

In basketball, you have to be the right player for the right game. You should be a perfect shooter and the best ball handler to really make it big in this sport. There are many promising basketball players all over the world and there are thousands of basketball tips and manuals produce in the market every day too which makes it harder for you to stand out from the rest. Playing basketball is a non-stop training and practice.

How to improve you’re Shooting and Ball handling skills

  • Start practicing with basic dribbling. Dribble the ball with both left and right hand. Pass back and forth in both with different speed. Dribble the ball lower to the ground to make it hard for the defender to steal the ball from you.
  • Try to control the ball’s speed, bounce and direction using your fingertips. Do the dribbling, passing and catching repeatedly in different speed to get use of the ball’s impact.
  • Practice at least an hour of dribbling with a bent position every day. Spread your legs and knees, bent your body a little and put your one foot forward to keep the balance.
  • If your ball handling skills is doing well proceed to shooting skills. Learn the basic shooting like jump shot, lay-up and long range shot. Do not shoot like how NBA players do. Keep it basic and simple to avoid injuries while practicing.
  • Do a constant shooting workout to keep your pulse in good shape for at least an hour per day. Make a shooting target record; shoot at least a hundred baskets per day.

Constant practice shooting and ball handling workouts is the best way to improve your plays. Read, follow basketball tips and repeatedly do which one suits you. Even Kobe and other big stars in basketball always find time to practice and learn the basics. If you really want to become the best player in town then you must enroll to basketball training program or purchase your own basketball instructional materials to help you become the best player.

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