Basketball Shooting Workouts

If you are looking for the best basketball shooting workouts to help you with your current shooting stats then there is wide range of tips available for you in the internet. Research through the internet and try to make a list of different shooting workouts.

Few effective shooting workouts to help you become a top scorer:

Jump shot workout

  • Jump shot is easy to do and one of the basic shooting styles in basketball. If you can do jump shot perfectly with or without a guard then this is a good way to start. Practice jump shot with a twist. Try to make at least a hundred jump shot per workout. Jump higher each time with a quick ball release. Always be ready to catch and shoot the ball. When catching a ball be ready with your knees bent, one foot forward and eye focus on the basket. Aim for a shoot. Do these methods in different angles for a hundred times and count how many miss and scores you made to improve each time.

 Long Range Shooting Workout

  • Start shooting at the free throw line for at least hundred attempts. Long range shooting doesn’t have to be rush so you’ll have more preparation to make a perfect scoring shot. Try to do the right versus wrong method. If you miss one then you have to score two to cover the miss. After perfecting the free throw line, do it again in the next workout in the 3-point line or half court.

Lay-up workout

  • Run from the free throw line to the basket, jump and tap the rim of the board. Do this repeatedly. Run back and forth. This is the lay-up workout to improve your hand and foot flexibility. You may also do this with the ball on your hand to make it more accurate. You may also add some ball handling maneuvers each time you do this shooting workout.

Basketball shooting workouts depend on what type of player you are. You may purchase your own shooting workout manuals to help you with your basketball skills but make sure to follow the right workout for you to help you gain better results after doing it.

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