Basketball Shooting Tips

There are thousands of basketball players and basketball coaches out there who keep playing every day in a very competitive world of this sport. In basketball you must be a jack of all traits to become an exceptional basketball player. You have to be the top scorer, the best ball handler and the best defender to knock down opponents. You may not have all this skills at one but you should be at least a good basketball shooter to excel in this sport.

How to strengthen your shooting skills?

  • Develop every single aspect of shooting. Read different manuals and follow some basketball shooting tips. You must be very familiar with the court’s dimensions. Calculate the distance, bounce of the ball and basket area before making a shot.
  • Prepare in advance before catching the ball. Make sure to see through all possible shooting areas. Do not attempt to make a shot if you are not sure to score because you will end up either losing the ball or being injured.
  • Learn to improve quick release shot. Bent your knees before catching the ball then release it to make a basket, this gives you seconds ahead before defenders can block the shot. The rhythm is very easy bent, catch and then shoots.
  • Increase flexibility. Wrist, hands and fingertips should be always in good condition for shooting to make your shooting even more effective. If any part is aching or soaring, give it a time to rest. Good condition will always be the key to a good play especially if you are a shooter.
  • Practice shooting every day to increase shooting pulse. Shoot at least 50 – 100 basket a day in different sort in both long and short range shooting to improve shooting skills.

There are thousands of tips for basketball shooting and it’s up to you which one should you use. Buy some basketball instructional videos and reading manuals on how to increase your shooting skills. This is one way to boost your shooting capability.

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