Basketball Shooting Fundamentals

In watching basketball, shooting is what makes us very excited. Every basketball player wants to become the top scorer of the team. The top scorer always ends up as the best player among the team because points determine the winner. All of the good shooter in the court has secret techniques of their own to become the best shooters. Learn the Basketball Shooting Fundamentals first before going through complex shooting technique. Start from simple lay-ups, jump shots and long range shooting.

Fundamentals of Basketball Shooting

  • Basic Foot Placement
    • If you are left handed shooter, place your left foot forward to keep the balance position of the upper body and lower body while shooting or if you are right handed then do it with your right foot as well.  This is the basic foot placement preparation before doing a jump shot to increase frequency while jumping.
  • Body Balance and Flex
    • Your body must always keep its balance, spread your feet while aiming for a shot, bent your knees and always keep your ankles flexible. Your lower body part keeps the shooting pulse perfect, it should coincide with the rhythm of the hand to keep hitting the hoops.
  • Eye Focus and Advance thinking
    • Keep your eyes focus on the target; you must be very familiar with the basket area. Learn to control the bounce of the ball in any part of the basket whether you are too far or too near to the basket. Your hand coordination and eyes focus skills must be both very sharp to keep your skills in advance.
  • Basic Ball Handling while Shooting
    • Learn to control the ball at any speed and bounce. Hand hold and hand release must be perfectly practice to give a good pulse of shooting. Your shooting hand must aim for the shoot and the other hand must support the release of every shot attempt.

Learning the Basketball Shooting Fundamentals is quite easy but to become the best requires a lot of time to practice. To enhance your shooting skills you must practice every day for at least an hour to keep your shooting skills sharp, if possible purchase your own basketball ring at home so that you can focus on practicing any time of the day.

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