Basketball Ball Handling Drills

Basketball is one of the most physically demanding sport and one of the best sports ever created as well. We all love the intense actions of basketball game. To become a good player you must be an exceptional ball handler, you must know the basics of the game and proper ball handling is quite one of the hardest basketball drills.

Practicing basketball ball handling drills every day is a good way to start playing basketball. This could let you become an outstanding player of every game. If you want to play good then you must keep and control the ball favorable on your side.

Basic Basketball Handling Drills

  • Always remember that you are the ball handler and you must control the ball. Do not let the ball control your game. The ball must be always in your favorable side to get advance.
  • Hold the ball with your fingertips. Control the bounce and speed of the ball. Practice dribbling at least an hour or two every day to get use of the ball’s dimension while holding it. Some players would hold the ball while watching TV or doing other things.
  • Practice aim passing and catching. Hand coordination and speed techniques are the basic power play techniques in basketball. Aim for a pass and get use of the different distance. Keep your body flexible, be observant and catch the ball with your both hands to support the ball’s bounce and impact.
  • Practice ball circulation around your body to perfectly protect the ball while dribbling. You must be able to determine whether the ball needs to be passed or to be keep.
  • Improve maneuvers and defense. Use variety of maneuvers to advance against defenders, surprise defenders with explosive maneuvers but make sure to perform defensive tactics to protect the ball on your side. The basic aim of basketball is to score as many points as possible but it takes a lot of defense to score for your team.

Ball handling drills needs to be practice often to be good in playing the sport. If possible ask help from basketball coaches to teach you the proper basketball handling techniques. Read or research thoroughly about ball handling techniques.

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