Basic Basketball Shooting Drills

Basketball is a very physically demanding sport that requires constant running and jumping. You have to learn the basics first before you can become a certified basketball player. You have to remember a lot of fundamentals of the sport to become a good player. Basically, the aim of basketball is very simple, you have to shoot the ball, dribble, pass and catch the ball but how to combine all of that is not that quite simple. If you are new to this sport you really have to remember the basic basketball shooting drills in order to score for your team.

Basic shooting drills

  • Learn the basic jump shot under the basket. For beginner basketball players this is the simplest way to shoot the ball. You may run through different parts of the court but you will always in up in the position under the basket. You have to learn the technique on how to shoot the ball under the basket while your knees are bent to create a flexible rebounding if you miss the shot. Repeatedly practice this jump shot in different position under the basket.
  • Improve your long range shot. Practice different dimensions of shooting from either in free throw line or 3-point shooting line. This will help you to get use of the dimensions of the court. Long range shots are easier to do but you really have to keep the pulse of shooting in order not to miss any shot.
  • Learn to do lay-up shots. Lay up shooting is the safest way to shoot the ball during the game. You have to master lay-up shots to ensure a basket. Hold the ball in one hand, jump and release the ball near to the basket. Do this in either left or right hand or if possible practice doing it with both hands.

Perfect basketball shooting requires constant practice. Ask help from expert basketball coaches or enroll to basketball training programs to learn advance techniques and shooting drills. You may also refer to the internet to learn effective and good basketball shooting drills.

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